One of the top google searches for new travelers is “Do I need to speak Spanish to go to Mexico?” (go ahead, I’ll wait while you check)

Of course, the answer is no.

Learning to speak Spanish certainly isn’t a necessity in Mexico. To be sure, plenty of foreign residents live in the country for decades but have never moved beyond the basics required to order food in a restaurant or direct a taxi to their home. Many of these people love Mexico, have Mexican acquaintances, and have taken beginning language classes.

However, most of these people would tell you that they’re missing out by not being able to use the language.

What are you missing?

  • People. People. People. Socially, speaking Spanish will open up the possibility…

For many visitors, like you, a trip to Mexico makes you feel like a pirate collecting booty.

Perhaps this comparison feels unjustifiably derogatory in nature, but I personally love to bring back treasures found. Realistically, the mission is more accurate as a fishing trip where I search for a trophy to mount.

However you wish to describe it, buying handcrafted goods in Mexico is exciting. After all, half the fun of traveling to this destination is in the hunting for the perfect piece to take home, successfully transport home and enjoy in the comfort of your home. The ritual reminds…

Yes! Our hubris has proven to be our downfall. For the past four years, the ideal of hubris has been idolized, worshipped and revered. Any attempts to identify potential pitfalls has met with vitriole. Some days - today - I have little hope.

The best shopping in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco area offers many opportunities in the Tianguis and Farmer Markets.

Buying handcrafted goods in Mexico can be exciting, perhaps intimidating and probably not for the faint of heart. However, half the fun of traveling to this destination is in the hunting for the perfect piece to take home, successfully transport home and enjoy in the comfort of your home. This pre-historic tradition of gathering for trade and bargaining to exchange goods strikes at the heart of our ancestry. This practice is a return to our ancestry and strikes a note of familiarity, even in unknown lands and locations.

Mexican Mercado — the place to find what you need

Throughout Mexico, these markets seem to pop up at random. My personal…

Post-Trump Stress Disorder Recovery Takes Time

My friends that have been in an abusive relationship can probably relate.

When we leave an abusive relationship, we go through stages and need time — sometimes a lot of time — for full recovery. The abuser has changed us psychologically and this will take some retraining recuperation before we can once again feel whole and healthy.

Step One: Is it Really Over?

At first it may seem difficult to believe the phase of our lives is behind us.

For at least 4 years we have lived everyday through a lens of ‘what did Donald do today?’ This is at least 1,460 consecutive days of dealing…

Life after the Trump Administration

I think that we can all admit that the Trump presidency has not gone as planned.

When We Got What We Wanted

His supporters were hooked with his promises of populist rhetoric.

In fact, thousands of previously-sane adults started exhibiting very strange behaviors. Remember the guy with “TRUMP” tattooed in bold, black lettering on his forehead that was shared and re-shared across social media platforms? The adoring groupies of peroxide blond, middle class caucasians women that swore they would let him grab their pu$$ies? …

What should I ignore today

The sun will rise, make its way across the sky and set in the evening. This has been the course of events observed by humans for tens of thousands of years. Day after day is measured in the same twenty-four hour rotation of the earth.

What separates one day from the next? How do we measure successes?

The sun will make its journey across the sky regardless of what we decide to do, The sun will rise and then subsequently set with complete disregard to our actions. Time will go forward. Days will pass. …

I keep going back and forth on whether to post this or not but I’ve decided I don’t give a fuck about your feelings if this offends you.

If you vote for Trump, you’re ignorant and an asshole.

If you vote for any of the bootlicking incumbent Republicans that allowed his administration’s treason, corruption, xenophobia, racism, science denial, gaslighting, narcissism, and general incompetence to go unchecked, you’re ignorant and an asshole.

If your main source of “news” is Fox News, you’re ignorant and an asshole.

If you think your opinion is just as valid as anybody else’s despite being contrary…

How and why I look to the low-quality performers to be my best self

Self-help books, podcasts, and coaches will motivate you in the best practices for your industry.

These gurus will tell you how to be the best. Coaches motivate you on how to get the most return on your investment. Podcasts will help you work hard, faster, with less efforts. All of these make promises to make you the top 1%.

Guarantees to make an unreasonable amount of money in the blink of an eye. We fall for the clickbait. We know that the promises cannot be kept…

Can we even imagine this?

Donald Trump has consumed our lives for the past three and a half years.

Regardless of where you stand on the love him or hate him continuum, the fact remains that at some point he will leave public life. In our democracy, assuming he leaves us with a democracy, we have the expectation that at some point, in 2021 or 2025 he will leave office. Regardless of when or how, the reality is that he will leave, and what will we have left?

Lessons Learned — Have We Got it Right Yet?


Fear motivates. Fear engages. Fear moves folks to action.

This is…

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