Conservative Evangelicals are being brainwashed by their Pastors and Priests

No tolerance for disobedience.

Mental gymnastics to justify racism and misogyny.

Independent thought is Satanic and disagreement is not permitted.

Does this sound like the next up-and-coming autocratic, dictatorial or communist regime? Surprise! It’s Not.

It’s your friendly neighborhood evangelical…

One of the top google searches for new travelers is “Do I need to speak Spanish to go to Mexico?” (go ahead, I’ll wait while you check)

Of course, the answer is no.

Learning to speak Spanish certainly isn’t a necessity in Mexico. To be sure, plenty of foreign residents live in the country for decades but have never moved beyond the basics required to order food in a restaurant or direct a taxi to their home…

The best shopping in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco area offers many opportunities in the Tianguis and Farmer Markets.

Buying handcrafted goods in Mexico can be exciting, perhaps intimidating and probably not for the faint of heart. However, half the fun of traveling to this destination is in the hunting for the perfect piece to take home, successfully transport home and enjoy in the comfort of your home. This…

What should I ignore today

The sun will rise, make its way across the sky and set in the evening. This has been the course of events observed by humans for tens of thousands of years. Day after day is measured in the same twenty-four hour rotation of the earth.

What separates one day from…

Libby Winkler

Writing to share observations from a quiet soul to a loud world. Lover of life, avid traveler, dedicated to learning everywhere I go and sharing my life.

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