Don’t Forget to teach Your Millennial these 3 lessons

I forget these — here is my attempt to remediate an oversight

Libby Winkler
2 min readMay 20, 2022


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Generation X folks like myself are at a place in our collective lives where we are reflecting on our live’s successes and non-successes.

There are many worries keeping me up at night these days.

As we prepare for or enter into our senior years whether it be the long-awaited retirement, succumbing to health failures, or continue limping along in our work careers full of anxiety — how much longer we continue.

The other theme in my anxiety life relates to the job I did in raising my progeny.

Many days pass in which I am confident I have successfully equipped the next generation to deal with their life in a healthy, productive manner. Yet, some days I wonder how I missed some critically fundamentalobject lessons.

Consider this my plea, my outreach to the next generation of parents and guardians responsible for our most important commodity — the next generations.

A few thoughts for consideration

  1. The point of a life well lived is not required to address your grievances. Devoting one’s life to getting even, or at least getting retribution for imagined or real wrongs, will result in a waste life.
  2. Mental health and my horrible, self-defeated, or self-destructing attitude. are not the same thing. The sad truth is no of us escape from childhood unscathed. We all have learned hard, painful lessons at the hands of uncaring, unempathetic, or even regrettably, truly abusive caregivers in some cases.
  3. Having a job is a means to an end — not your entire life’s raison de etre. Some love their jobs while some dread each and every shift. In either case, the job delivers a benefit to you as the employee, a paycheck. The arrangement between employer and employee is a trade-off of the employees time and life in exchange for money.

I’m sure there are many more things I forgot to teach my millenial, but these are the top of mind items for today.



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