Enjoy your Quarantine — Top 5 Things You Need to Do Now

Libby Winkler
5 min readApr 4, 2020

Reality is that most of the world is sitting inside, waiting for this quarantine to end. Many of us started with an understanding that this may take some time but did you expect it to last this long?

I did not.

In the beginning of this in late February and into early March, I was actually outside of the United States on vacation.

As a vacationer, it was fairly easy to ignore the entire situation and simply focus on getting a good tan and enjoying an adult beverage by the pool. However, as the time to return approached, this somber news story began to encroach into my awareness.

I was one of the fortunate that returned without any remarkable issues other than the need for a mask. No masses or infinitely long lines. I count myself very fortunate.

The reality of the situation hit me hard on my first day returning to work. It hit a little before that. You see, as I prepared to return to work I was notified by my boss that I could not come into the office. You see, I had to be screened and approved to return by Human Resources. This small task took an additional day. Shit! This is a ‘for real’ situation!

Upon returning to the office, I was given a wide berth by my peers and direct reports. Within days, my organization, as with most of corporate America deployed works home in droves.

Now that we are all home, settled, and adapting to our new work spaces in our homes, we are all looking around and wondering what is next.

What do We Do Now?

As someone is fortunate in that no one in my family or too near to me is testing positive, I look around and wonder what I should be doing now? After all, there are no events, no sports, no gatherings. So what is the point of a weekend?

Do you have any ideas? I felt a bit stumped. I mean, there is only so much cleaning, organizing, purging that you can do. And the eating. I need to stop that.

Let’s Start Here

The first week or two were filled with uncertainty and fear if we are honest. We learned how to live in a work-from-home life.

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