Ohio’s Choice — Stop the Crazies

The Buckeye state is in the middle of a culture war, playing out in the current senatorial race, where sanity is at war with a Trump proxyy.

Libby Winkler
2 min readNov 5, 2022


Photo by Jaime Spaniol on Unsplash

As in many other states, Trump’s proxy is marching through Ohio, paraded with the biggest donors the GOP has to offer.

An outsiders looking in would likely be scratching their head, bewildered at the closeness of the race for Ohio’s senatorial race.

One side offers up an outsider, big money venture capitalist, bought-and-paid-for candidate recently relocating to Ohio from California. This candidate started a non-profit for opioid abuse, pocketed obscene amounts of money and funded his campaign. With no public governing service to his credit, only a recent best selling book to his skills.

Juxtaposed to this poor quality candidate, one is offered a hometown hero. This candidate is a native Ohioan, committed to public service with much experience. He has a demonstrated support of organized labor, support of localization of jobs, and works nearly tirelessly in support of his faith community.

The Tribalism Effect

Seems like the proverbial easiest choice ever.

Yet why is the race a toss up?

Easy. The Trump effect, and today’s political environment of tribalistic support, devoid of any objective consideration.

Enter the name calling, the blindness to all except which team colors the candidate is wearing.

Summary — We are screwed.



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