Preaching Politics from the Pulpit

Libby Winkler
3 min readDec 3, 2021

Conservative Evangelicals are being brainwashed by their Pastors and Priests

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No tolerance for disobedience.

Mental gymnastics to justify racism and misogyny.

Independent thought is Satanic and disagreement is not permitted.

Does this sound like the next up-and-coming autocratic, dictatorial or communist regime? Surprise! It’s Not.

It’s your friendly neighborhood evangelical Christian place of worship. The cult of personality exists solely for the purpose of self-preservation.

Sadly there is no cure punch line here. No gotcha twist making this statement oddly ironic.

As millions are fleeing this regime, church attendance sinks to lows not seen for generations. According to a Gallop poll, church membership is now less than 50% (, an 80 year low.

Abandoned its core teachings and source of truth — the Holy Bible.

If I am being completely honest and transparent to you, the reader, I need to reveal something to you. Having recently left my church due to preached conservatism, the topic is a raw wound.

There I said it.

After over 50 years spent in the pews of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod congregations, I’m out.

I would still describe myself as a Christian, but I am dropping ‘Lutheran’ from my denomination affiliation.

And yes, I do feel somewhat like the proverbial fish out of water. I mean, what do I do on Sunday mornings now? Well, I eat a big breakfast and have a freshly brewed cup of coffee to start. Next, I surf the internet, seeking a moderate online service. Feeling somewhat like a peeper, I jump from service to service and continue to search out a new home. What was the one thing that pushed me out? I cannot say there was exactly the ONE thing. It was an accumulation but here are my top 3 reasons for making the break.

Virtue of purity only apply to women

Early in my childhood, I was taught my value rest in the view of my chastity, purity and general ability to be ‘lady-like.’

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