Stopping the Great Resignation by Keeping the Best Employees

Libby Winkler
3 min readJul 9, 2022

How to keep your best talent, ensure they are happy, and boost productivity

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Call centers have evolved into attractive entry points for career-minded individuals. Call centers offer safe work environments, flexibility to work remotely, and the ability to help others making this job highly marketable.

Call centers can also be a revolving door which is maddening for an employer.

Onboarding is expensive, can be unproductive, and leads to an inexperienced work force susceptible to making errors.

Call center leaders seeking to stop this churn. Board rooms and c-level leaders looks to mid-level leaders to plug the leaks. While this may seem to be a thankless and daunting task, here are some starting points in the evaluation of a call center’s culture.

Value Employees in Real and Meaningful Ways

Pizza lunches, casual days, free coffee. All ways employers try in vain to show their appreciation to employees. Organizational leaders need to consider how to meaningfully display value prospect to their employees.

As leaders, the employee perspective in decisions. In cases where the decisions made, actions taken are not perceived will by the work force, the role of leaders’ communication strategy is critical. The inevitable messaging of the ‘why’ must be clear, concise, and most importantly, transparent.

Employees’ value means decisions are respectfully communicated, feedback is welcomed, and concerns listened to with honesty.

Conduct Stay Interviews

Mangers with high rates of retention often conduct a stay interview with their tenured, experienced team members.

The objective of a stay interview is two-fold. The manager is seeking to understand why the employee continues to remain with an organization. Secondarily, the manager asks probing questions to understand what would entice the employee to leave.

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