Were We Only 40 Feet from Anarchy?

This is the distance between the murderously riotous insurrectionists and Vice President Mike Pence

Libby Winkler


Photo by Opollo Photography on Unsplash

Forty feet.

This is the distance the rioting insurrectionist came to Mike Pence.

Four hundred and eighty inches.

A group of riotous mobs tried to overthrow the government. We can debate who we think back, supported, and encouraged, but the fact is a group tried to overthrow our elected government.

How did we get here?

More importantly where to we go from here?

Before We were Here

Growing up in the Cold War era ensured several topics were taught.

We were taught the evils of state sponsored religion.

We were taught how to react in the certain event of a communist missile strike because we all agreed the communist enemy was a threat — certainly not an ally to court — of our way of life.

We were taught all are entitled to equal liberties, regardless of sex, color or creed.

With an objective evaluation of these things, one must sadly admit our generation has forgotten these lessons. In our current political and social environment, all of these tenets of American ideals has been ignored.

Laws and Supreme Court rulings are deemed ‘good’ when they further affirm our religious beliefs and personal prejudices or color of sexual identity. The selective disregard of the First Amendment would be shocking to my middle school self.

Photo by Vishnu Prasad on Unsplash

Here We Are So What Now?

My logical brain is screaming — shocked with each new low.

Blatant abuses of power, misuse of taxpayer’s hard earned dollars are escalating in their boldness and complete disregard of rule of laws.

Law enforcement are shooting kill individuals for minor, traffic infractions.

Elected officials ignore the opinions of their constituents, instead representing the positions…



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