What We Need To Do To Save Our Democracy

The America we have taken for granted for the past 150 years is at stake, and some are ready to burn it to the ground.

Libby Winkler
2 min readNov 27, 2022


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Both sides of the aisle agree, the country is headed in the wrong direction. Full stop.

Yet, this is where the agreement ends.

The Right believes their fundamental dominance is threatened by anyone who is not caucasian, feel threatened when any non-caucasian is vocal, and insists normal is defined as anything originating from a Western European descent.

The Left seeks to grant equality to all, correct inequities, and extend the promises of the Constitution to all. The Left has the audacity to imagine the rights and privileges of a democratic society should apply to all.

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We The People — All the People

The originalists be damned.

When our forefathers drafted the Constitution, their understanding of all was not the same as our understanding of all.

For the writers of the document, all meant all white, male, land-owning citizens. These men had no expectation nor understanding of a free and fair electoral process.

Your Rights Will Not Kill Me

It is often said, rights are not a pie. Giving me a bigger slice does not reduce your slice.

Granting full marriage equality to the LGBTQ+ does not diminish heterosexual unions.

Recognizing non-Judeo-Christian religions is not denying anyone their right to…



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